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Wireless controllers security tethers

With very little notice, I was asked to come up with a way to secure some video game console controllers that were going to be placed in a public area for people to use.

After looking around for 3rd party solutions, I used thin steel cables and a drill to create a small port for the cable. It was fiddly to open these things up, install and then put back together, but in the end they came out looking very professional!

Prototype Xbox controller
Close up of hole and tether
Xbox controllers completed
PS4 controllers completed
The prototype. Armed with some fine screwdrivers and a willingness to explore, I was able to find a part of the controller to anchor the cable and have it exit without stringing the cable.

The inside of these controllers have a heap of buttons and springs. Be warned!

The final result. I was very happy to see that the hole and cable cleanly interact. If the cable ever needed to be removed, the hole would be almost invisible to someone who is not made aware of the modification.
All six Xbox controllers modified. Note that each cable is placed for left and right players. It’s the little details that count!
Four PS4 controllers modified. These controllers are really fiddly when trying to put them back together. You need a very steady hand, and the fingers of a six year old child.