Gil Poznanski – The kosher Tony Stark – Creative Technologist & Maker


Building and making.
Allowing people to hold thier imagination in the palm of thier hand.


Teacher, Artist, Activator.
Educating people about technology and possibilities.

Public & Keynote Speaker

Dynamic speaker and communicator.
Communicating to people possibility and using technology to make dreams happen.
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Gil’s energy is just amazing. He is enthusiastic, willing to meet, learn, get to know processes and fully immerse himself. Thank you Gil!
Jimmy DiResta

Makers's Maker, DiResta Unlimited

The presenter Gil, was excellent. He explained ideas in simple terms that were easy to understand. It was enjoyable and I look forward to learning more. Thank you for providing this session – very valuable.
Tim Ready

Client Manger, NAB

Holy smoke! I always knew you were a Stark.
James Wan


Gil was professional in terms of presentation style, working with the participants and his knowledge of the topic was elite. He wasn’t just talking about stuff, he was sharing first hand experience. It was the level and experience of someone who is being paid professionally to present to a conference.
Geoff McDonald

Ideas Architect

Client Organizations:



Paramount Pictures
University of California, Los Angeles
City of Monash

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