Die Hard

Nakatomi Plaza security signs

More fun from the laser cutter. In between maintaining the cutter and cleaning out green slime from the laser tube (don’t ask) I ran a test and got these signs cut up.

Extra points if you can tell me the real name of Nakatomi Plaza!

While this sign was never shown on screen,this is my idea of the design that would have hung on the door of the security office. The Nakatomi company logo was used onscreen. I etched the design on some dark perspex, the filled the etch with white paint to bring out the design.

One of these signs now is permanently attached to the bathroom door at the CCHS, one given as a gift and the last one is with me! Think they will let my put it on my office door at work?



Based on the film : Die Hard (1988)

The final design, backfilled with paint. I like how these came out. Simple, stunning and professional.

All three signs ready to be hung.

Final placement for on of the signs. The bathroom door at CCHS.

Close up of the door at CCHS. I always get a chuckles when someone comments.