Gil testing out his Cyberpunk Goggles

Cyberpunk Googles

Adafruit goggles
Wanting to play more with arduino and neopixels, I grabbed parts and followed a tutorial to make a pair of led goggles. The original design meant that you could not really wear them and see through, but I was not going to be stopped!
Using the laser cutter, I cut two defussion rings to soften the LEDs. By cutting out inner rings, the wearer can look through, and not loose to much peripheral vision.
The goggles run on a trinket, which is basically a stripped down arduino. It’s small enough to hide on the elastic band, in a small 3d printed box. The trinket is programmable, and I want to put a switch on them to trigger different light sequences.
The goggles are power by a lipo rechargeable battery, mounted to the opposite side of the band.
After building these, I wore them home while driving. Got some great comments.
The main parts - Adafruit Trinket and some neopixal rings
Trinket, neopixal ring and goggles
Powering up the system before installation
Testing the first ring installed in the goggles
The main parts of this project are an Adafruit Trinket, some Neopixals, and a power supply. Very easy to put together, the trick is getting it all into the goggles without it looking like a mess. While someone people look got the messy electronic aesthetic when building their project, I chose to go the sleek futuristic road. The future was fantastic!
The trinket fired up with all the main components. Its a tight fit getting it all into the goggles, but it is possible. I like the trinket as it is a cheap and disposable Arduino base which is small enough not to take up touch room.
Hello World.

Always test your electronics before installation. Its also fun to see it all work.

As this installation basically had the same thing (a Neopixal ring driven with a Trinket X2), I started by installing the first ring, and testing it. While the electronics were done, installing the wiring and getting it to work was more of a puzzle then expected.
Wiring for the Cyberpunk goggles
3am test, and all done!
Using the laser sighting mode...
Wiring up the Neopixal rings so that all the wiring is hidden when wearing the goggles. This ended up a little fiddly. 🙂
All done and wearing the goggles. At this point I had put them together, but realised that I could not see out of them due to the amount of light leakage within the goggles. After laser cutting some rings to defuse and block the light bouncing around, I was able to safely wear them.
Gavin thought he was going to use his enhanced vision to take out some Red Lectroids from Planet 10. Where ever you go…

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