Azrael Batman batarang

Azrael Batman batarangs

This project has some history to them.

Set the way back machine to 1999, and Gil is attending UCLA. After 9 month, I was feeling a little homesick and on a whim hit eBay to buy some comic books. In a comic lot was the story of Batman and Bane, who “retired” Bruce Wayne by breaking his back.

Batmans replacement was Azrael, who would fire modified batarangs from the gauntlets of his armour.

On the back of the comic was the design of the batarangs, which was adopted as the symbol of this incarnation of Batman.

This also was the place I started thinking about building models and props for my own projects.

So 15 years later, these have been made. Made out of Perspex, these are Azrael’s batarangs. Took a lot of learning and practice before these were made, but I’m very happy to have this project finished, even if it took me longer than I thought….

The main parts - Adafruit Trinket and some neopixal rings
Trinket, neopixal ring and goggles

Using a laser cutter in a Makerspace, this design was cut out of some scrap material closing the circle on a project 15 years in the making.

In the end, I made two for display in my workshop. Laser cutting is an amazing way to create items.

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