As much as I love film and the work that goes with it, I really thought that when I changed careers that I would be leaving that world behind. To my surprise and joy, every few months I get thrown another challenge that seems to be right out of my film studio experience.

Yesterday, I was asked to voice a number of love letters for an upcoming exhibition, “Little Melbourne Girl,” that will be on display at the Library at the Dock. This collection contains letters and correspondence between a local Melbourne woman and sailors that visited from the 1930s. It is the only collection known to show us a glimpse of what interactions were like to visitors of our fair shores.

I was asked to voice an American Sailor called “Julius” who visited and nicknamed the recipient of his letters, “Little Melbourne Girl”. After a run-through, it was my pleasure to bring a voice to the written word. Even the syntax of the day was very different than it is now.

“Little Melbourne Girl” will be opening in February at the Library at the Dock, and I look forward to seeing the final presentation.