Working one night at the CCHS, Dave Chanter (CCHS president and all round nice guy) mentioned that he was going to visit some 3D prop makers in Geelong and wanted to know if I wanted to come along?

What a question…

Jumping into the car early one Sunday morning, Dave and I made the trek up to meet Tom and Jesse, (2/3rd of Apone’s Armory), who create amazing props using 3D modeling and printing.

Walking into their workspace, I felt like I was visiting the prop department at Paramount Studios, the very place I was first introduced to the amazing world of 3D printing back in 2004. Everywhere I looked, I saw models and props in various stages of completion, as well as molds and casting paraphernalia. I felt like I was home, and it wasn’t long before we all were talking shop, swapping notes, and discussing the best way to get amazing results.

One of the first things that struck us was the scanning rig these guys are in the process of prototyping. It was a full 360-degree scanner that in theory will instantly scan at the touch of a button. Built using off-the-shelf components, these guys are totally on the ball. Keep your eyes open because once the industry finds out about these guys, they are going to have their hands full.

Right now, Apone’s Armory is catering to the cosplay market and making helmets and props available to the costumer. Drop them a line if you’re interested in adding some of their amazing pieces into your collection.

Can’t wait to spend some more time with the guys. You can get in touch with the guys from Apone’s Armory on Facebook.