Restoring a rusty vice for the workshop

Gil found a rusted bench vice that had been thrown out on the side of road. The tool looked like it could be perfect for his workshop, so he took some time off work and got to restoring this old rusty object back into its functional state!

Gil was walking down main street one day when all thoughts went straight towards finding something useful at home; but then inspiration struck as Gil came across an old metal bench vise – left forgotten with only rusting chains hanging from broken hinges…Needless to say his heart started racing faster than usual because chances are good these things don’t exactly come cheap if not impossible to find.

Gil was very careful with the vice even though he didn’t have plans to use it…yet. He took the time to take photos of it before bringing it home…

…and even slow motion footage just in case he turned out to be unlucky and broke something anyway!

Gil began work on the bench vise in Steve C’s workshop. He started by putting the vice in hot boiling water to convert as much of the rusted area back into workable metal.

Gil then began the process of removing as much of the rust as possible using a wire brush. He also tried a hammer and chisel to remove some bulk material

Next Gil used a small drill bit to remove any remaining rust from inside or between bolts while using an old trick of wrapping some sandpaper around a pencil to remove any rust from the holes where the pins slide.

When he determined that all accessible areas were clean, Gil set about removing the old paint from the vice with a wire wheel on an angle grinder.

Please watch the video to see Gil restoring this old rusty metal vice back to life!

Check out the video below to see the steps Gil took to restore the rusty vice back to pristine condition and give it a place in the workshop.