Gil is always being asked what type of 3D printer he would recommend. It comes part and parcel with the work teaching people about additive manufacturing at the Library at the Dock.

But like buying a car, your needs are not uniform. Some people want a sports car, others need a people mover, and like your car, you want your 3D printer to not only do what you need but have some style that fits in with your personality.

Looking for the right fit used to be a big research job. That was until the people at decided to make it a whole lot easier for you to find your best 3D printer fit.

Allowing you to put in your parameters like cost, speed, print, and resolution triggers an interactive grid that reforms showing you your options based on print volume. Best of all, it’s all in front of you, reforming as you refine your choices so that you can find the printer you were destined to use.

Give it a try at and see what the best option would be for you, and if they ask, tell them KTS sent you 🙂