This week we changed things up in the Makerskills program and introduced Light Write held at Library at The Dock.

Light Write uses light and a camera to create images and visual effects with a light source, creating imagery that can only exist in a photosensitive area.

This program took the form of two parts. The first was building “light pens” out of household items. This session also allowed people to master basic soldering and electronics skills, with the circuit comprising a battery, momentary switch and LED, all housed in some PVC tubing. As one of the participants said “That’s totally ghetto! Cool!”

The second part of the program taught how to use the pens in conjunction with a DSLR camera. By setting the camera up and opening the iris in a darkened room, you can use the LED to draw coloured lines in three dimensional space to create all kinds of images. We also used a while light LED flashlight to expose some of the people in the images to create interactive results.

Take a look at some of the final images that came out of the session. Given my love of cinematography, light, and animation, these sessions were a total guilty pleasure. I’m looking forward to running the program again in the near future and seeing what people can create when art and making collides.