Rebuilding a secondhand bandsaw

For the past few years, Gil has been looking for the right opportunity to add a bandsaw into his workshop. After his trip to New York City, to hang out and learn with Jimmy Diresta, Gil came across an old desktop bandsaw that needed a lot of work.

Once getting the saw back to his shop, Gil realised that the job of rebuilding a bandsaw might be more work than he first considered. When testing the saw, the blade continually slipped off the wheels, the blade didn’t cut straight and Gil’s previous experience with bandsaws just meant that he needed some advice to get the machine to peak performance.

Gil reached out to Steve Casamento at Trigger Engineering who was kind enough to open his workshop to Gil and assist with the rebuild. After a complete stripdown, clean, paint and reassembly, the bandsaw started running smoothly without any slippage or issues. Gil is excited to add this tool to his workshop.

Big thank you to Steve for assisting with rebuilding a bandsaw with Gil.