New Creative Technologies Hub for Hobsons Bay

From September to December 2017, Gil has been seconded to Hobson’s Bay city council to work as the Creative Technologist in residence on a new Creative Technologies Hub which will be located in Williamstown.

The CTH is a partnership with Hobson’s Bay Library service and Seaworks to create the next generation of public use Makerspace focusing on interaction and training the public in future technologies and create workflows.

The Creative Technologies Hub will be created using outfitted shipping containers, allowing a mobile and flexible framework for the hub to deliver and grow. The first stage of the hub will consist of three areas:

  • The Garage: A traditional Makerspace and fabrication lab allowing the exploration of CNC/3D printing technology coupled with traditional making and hand tools methods.
  • The Green Room: Audio Visual workspace that will explore digital creation, and incorporate a working greenscreen environment.
  • The Code Zone: Coding and software creation area looking at educating and supporting software development and fundamentals.

While the Creative Technologies Hub is the main focus of Gil’s time at the Newport Community Hub, Gil is also working with library staff, introducing new technology training, and working with existing technologies to bring new technology to the public through the library service.

You can hear more about the Creative Technologies Hub from Gil in the video below.