The year may be winding down, but at the Makerspace @ the Dock I have been using these last few days to get some new programs ready for next year.

In early January, we have an upcoming “Solder On!” class for kids.  I spent the afternoon with one of the animal badges testing the build. I was surprised at how complex the kits are and it took me a few attempts to get the circuit to work. I’m glad I did this before the class. Nothing like good preparation before an event.

The kit overall look is stunning and actually comes with a paper display that allows the badge to sit in a display diorama. It is really well made, the circuit board is printed in colour and the packaging transforms into a display stand.

I can’t wait to get this program done, and see what the kids think about this project.

Wish I could have done this when I was younger, guess I’ll have to do it now!

If you’re interested in bringing your kids to this event, you can book a place here.