Zombie Infection Scanner at Artboy Gallery

Zombie infection scanner

I have always been fascinated with technology, especially when I see a great looking device in a film. So, when I was invited to make something for Artboy Gallery’s Zombie Apocalypse, I decided to push myself to make an electronic display that people could interact with. Something that would have come right out of the films I loved growing up.

Enter the Zombie infection detection scanner (or ZIDS for short!). This item would be the first line at keeping the clean zones free from the walking dead. It scans everyone entering the city to see if they are infected. Its use is simple. If you place your hand on the palm scanner, the automatic scanning sequence begins. Lights and a LED display show you the results of the scan and allow you entry if you’re “clean”.

Using an Arduino to run the show, and a custom made LED display for its output, the unit is self contained and automatic. The results are randomised and select between three custom messages. The palm plate is laser cut acrylic and the whole unit is weathered down to look like a piece of equipment that has stayed in the front line of the Zombie war for years.

This project was built at the CCHS, and was collated with the help of CCHS members John Spencer and Gavin Jackson.

Made for the Zombie Apocalypse exhibition at Artboy Gallery, Melbourne Australia.

Artboy Gallery
Click Artboy to see the exhibition page

Original Case before modification begins.

SMD LED segments built into a display

Case opened and installation begun

LED installed and testing begins

Powering up LED display and checking placement

Arduino test with neopixle ring and speaker installed

Decals installed before blending and weathering begins

Second layer of weathering applied

Biohazard close up

City of Melbourne, your friend in the zombie holocaust

Ratioactive glow in the dark symbol

Laser etched hand scanner  detail

All powered up and ready for display

Zombie tries to get in by tricking the system. Yeah right!

Is this guy infection free?

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